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6 Reasons Why You Haven't Started Working Out

Cue angry self-talk, "Working out is good for you, right? Start, then! What are you waiting for?"

Frustrated woman thinking about exercise

For better or worse, it's a little more complicated than that.

An effective exercise program takes more than just grabbing your athletic gear and joining one of those big box gyms along Steinway Avenue. Here are six reasons why you might be hesitating to start:

  1. Something hurts. Your back hurts, or it could be your left knee, your right shoulder, or your ankles. You plan to consider working out once it stops hurting, but it's hard to know when that is or even if the day is coming. My personal training clients have often experienced some nagging pains before we started working together. Just as often, I found alternatives for them to gain strength and unlock more options. Sometimes, one or two form corrections resolve the pain by themselves.

  2. You don't have a fitness goal. You may not have the compulsion to lift a heavy thing or run the New York City Marathon, so it may seem to make no difference whether you work out or not. I think of this as the "if you're not sick, you're healthy" fallacy. I teach my clients to view exercise beyond the confines of a gym. Thoughtful exercise is a way of caring for your body, supporting your health, and making it ever more possible to pursue your highest goals.

  3. You don't know what to do. You might have Googled a few things about beginner workouts or home workouts. Maybe you followed a few people with abs on Instagram. All of that leaves you feeling overwhelmed. That's why I first help my clients prioritize what they want to focus on. With priorities set, I can coach them through the right techniques for the right exercises at the right time. It's easier to find your way when you've got a guide.

  4. You tried already and it didn't work. The last time you tried a routine, you didn't get the results you wanted. Something started to hurt (Reason 1) or you weren't sure how to progress (Reason 3), and soon enough your motivation was gone. I help my clients stay accountable by keeping workouts interesting, and their bodies healthy enough to train while still pushing hard enough to make progress.

  5. You're not "in shape." Your gym stereotype might be a bunch of spray-tanned, grunting men checking out their biceps in the mirror, and you don't feel like one of those. You might be willing to face the Axe body spray at Blink, but only after starting with daily walks at Astoria Park and an at-home program. I'd like to emphasize that no matter your health status, I'm here to help you make positive changes in your life. (And as an independent trainer, I work out of Fitness Lounge!) Again, exercise is the practice of showing up for your body and supporting a healthy, vibrant life.

  6. You're too busy. Time is limited. Energy is, too. There's work, the commute, dinner, kids, and precious little time to let loose. Without some attention, your health is at serious risk of getting lost in the shuffle. Designing the most efficient, effective exercise program possible for your current life is so important. I adjust my programs around your needs so that with as little as two hours a week, the time you're investing with me comes back to you as increased strength, improved energy, and ample positive feeling.

Behind every decision to exercise or not, there's a belief about what's possible. As your personal trainer, I want to expand your possible. You can have less pain and more knowledge. You can love yourself as you are and seek greater achievement. You can take time, get fit, and have more energy.

Ask yourself again, "What are you waiting for?"

For the health-oriented, my Explore! program emphasizes the full-body routine you need to get fit, strong, and powerful. For the movers, my Hip Drive program focuses on repatterning and strengthening efficient, effective locomotion that transfers from walking to running to sport.

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